Vhavhenda King on VBS 'saga'

Sthulile Mdletshe

The family of VhaVenda King Mphephu Ramabulana held a media conference at the Royal house to address the VBS saga and other related issues. 

Family Spokesperson of Ntsieni Ramabulana said his majesty is committed into working with reserve bank in solving matters affecting the VBS Mutual Bank and his people.

The King is implicated in the Reserve Bank report which alleges that he unlawfully received gifts and cash amounting to R17 million from the bank.

This comes after a report compiled by advocate Terry Motau, which revealed the Venda king is among 53 officials who benefitted from the looting of R1.8-billion that took place at the bank.

The  King has committed to working with law enforcement and further committed into paying every cent of money.

The Royal house has also called on the law enforcement to deal decisively with those who are implicated in the looting of the bank.