DJ Sonic

"I believe God’s timing is always the best"

DJ Sonic hosts the Party After every Sundays between 01h00 and 04h00 on Gagasi FM. He describes his show as young, fresh and full of vibe. He also believes that although still new, but his show is the next big thing in the local entertainment scene.

As a DJ, what he loves most with radio is that it gives him an opportunity to touch people’s emotions through music. “Everyday on-air has to be a good day regardless how bad my day was. That is why my advice to other young people who aspire to be on radio one day is that they must get to it for the right reasons because it's not as easy as it looks,” says DJ Sonic who also reveals that he always pray before starting his show.

Other than radio, DJ Sonic is also a club DJ and an event promoter. He says he still wants to see himself working in marketing because that has always been his passion. He once pursued studies in marketing at Durban University of Technology but was forced to drop out due to personal reasons. “I believe God’s timing is always the best,” he says.