Dj Vumar

“The Bible is where I run to whenever the world gets tough”

DJ Vumar hosts the VSessions on Fridays between 22h00 and 01h00, Urban Top30 on Saturdays between 10h00 and 13h00 as well as Sunday Sundowners on Sundays between 18h00 and 22h00. DJ Vumar believes that radio as a medium is the best thing since the sliced bread because of its power to connect people from different age groups and backgrounds. “Being able to get people to focus on one thing which I bring to them at that moment as a presenter is quite fascinating to me, I get to share experiences and information with listeners,” says DJ Vumar. His dream is to one day play a major role in a music department. “I firmly believe that with my experience and love for music, I can be groomed to be one of the best in radio play listing in no time,” he says. Other than radio, DJ Vumar is a Creative Director at Fiesta Event Creation which specialises in supplying municipalities, government departments and private clients with the best event solutions. Although both of his parents passed on at a very young age but what they taught him, especially his mother who taught him the Bible, it’s what keeps him going even today. “At a very young age my mother taught me to read the bible, and till today, the Bible is where I run to whenever the world gets tough,” he says.