Kini Shandu

“I always strive to do better than yesterday”

Kini Shandu hosts The Big Bang between 12h00 and 15h00 weekdays on Gagasi FM. As a proud father of two children, Kini wants to lead a life that his children can look up to. “I always strive to do better than yesterday,” he says. He believes that radio should be fun, entertaining and informative. “I still want to take a group of listeners for a joyride where we would do a show in various places in KZN and even neighbouring countries in one week. I love the province’s weather and the spirit of Ubuntu that generally exist amongst people, so I’d love to use my show to explore these more,” says Kini. “I’ve always wanted to be radio from a very young age, I have so much respect for listeners and their views that is why I do a lot of reading and research when preparing for my show.” When he is not working, Kini enjoys spending quality time with his children, watch movies or shopping. Kini likes both deep house and jazzy house but he also believes that KZN Hip-Hop is the next big thing in the local entertainment scene. Other than his how, Kini is also a business man running his own company, Inqaba Media.