Mario Munday

“I always have to keep up with the latest music trends and fashion”

DJ Mario hosts Urban Rhythms on Sundays between 22h00 and 01h00. As a club DJ, what he loves most about radio as a medium is its ability to reach a diverse massive audience and get a message across through music. “I’m all about growth, the fact that I am now an on-air presenter, something I only had a vision of a few years ago. I believe you must always know what you want and how you are going to get it,” says Mario. Speaking about his show, he says it’s entertaining, breath-taking and necessary. “I do extensive research on topics so that I can always talk on captured facts. I always have to make sure that my next show is better than my last,” he says. DJ Mario is also a Music Compiler at Gagasi FM, a position that requires him to stay updated with all the developments in the world of music. “I spend most of the time on the internet as I always have to keep up with the latest music trends and fashion, so I’m always with my laptop,” he adds. However he maintains that although he is a DJ, he still loves silence especially in the morning. “I don’t really like loud music, I don’t like alcohol, as much as I’m a DJ,” he concludes.