“There’s just so much to be accomplished”

Zee hosts Khanya KZN which airs between 19h00 and 20h00 on Thursdays. She describes her show as educational, intriguing and fun. “The show is very close to my heart, it inspires me to know that I’m doing something for someone,” says Zee. She says what is unique and challenging with her show is that they always have to try and solve every consumer’s problem. “There’s just so much to be accomplished,” she says. Zee is also a newsreader at Gagasi FM and she also does motivational speaking for the youth. “My message to young people is that they must know the world around them and never turn down opportunities. I also believe in putting God first if you want to succeed,” she adds. During her spare time, she likes spending time relaxing with her family. “My mother is my rock of strength,” concluding Zee.