What’s your thing? With Capfin and Ackermans

CAPFIN understands that everybody could use that little bit more for something.

As South Africa’s trusted loans provider, they are making it easier for you to access that little bit more, just when you need it the most. With loans of up to R30 000 and easy-to-manage repayment terms, CAPFIN is improving lives by empowering people to do their “thing”.

Now, whatever your “thing” you can apply for a CAPFIN loan at Ackermans and get your loan of up to R30 000, so you can do your “thing”!

CAPFIN. Making it easier for you

Uyayibona that ‘thing’ oyifunayo?

Capfin and Ackermans can help you get it. And so can I Love Mornings. So what is your “thing”? SMSa “CAPFIN”, your full name and SA I.D. number to 33119 manje. We could call you to win R4 000.

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CAPFIN & Ackermans

SMSa “CAPFIN”, your name and SA ID number to 33119. Let I Love Mornings help you get your thing.

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